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Watch for Deer This Winter

Hitting a deer can severely damage your car

Deer are beautiful, elegant animals. However, when they run onto the road, they can become a serious safety risk. Scenic 61 Auto Body offers vehicle repairs for minor and severe deer accidents.

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3 tips for avoiding a deer accident

Deer are constantly running on the roads in Duluth. There are a few ways to reduce the risk of a deer accident when you're on the road.

Here are a few of our driving tips during deer season:

1.Turn on your headlights. Deer are most active during dusk and dawn. Your headlights will help you see the road clearly to spot deer further ahead.
2.Don't swerve to miss. If you see a deer, avoid jerking the wheel to miss it. Instead, press firmly on the brakes. This allows you to keep control of the vehicle, even if you do hit the animal.
3.Slow down. Driving fast down two-lane blacktop is an easy way to get in a deer accident. During dusk and dawn, reduce your speed to give yourself some extra reaction time.

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